How therefore can we get out of this mess? How can we stop “donating” our resources to the West?

Of all the earth’s resources, nothing is more valuable than the human mind and the Afrikan mind, more than the resources, is what was the most prized colony of the Imperialist/Colonialist.

It is a clear sign of possessing a colonized mind when, after decades of exporting crude oil, Nigeria still imports most of its locally consumed finished product. This is despite having some refineries built that are now run down.

It is a clear sign of possessing a colonized mind when your very own culture seems alien to you. When you judge your own cultural norms and practices of thousands of years like an outsider would.

It is a clear sign of possessing a colonized mind whenever we seek the help of the “international community” to resolve most of your local disputes. It is one of the things I take exception with the Opposition in our country. The very people they are seeking help from participated in the Enslavement, Scramble For, Partition, Colonization and Exploitation of our motherland Afrika unleashing untold devastation for over 400 years and today it is still carried on thru neo-colonialism and imperialism.

We must actively decolonize our minds. We must overhaul the entire education system right from kindergarten to university. We must teach IN our own languages and only teach the English language as an international language necessary for global interaction. We must also introduce Afrikan Studies as a stand alone subject taught all thru the student’s life. Afrikan values, culture, medicine and innovations taught from the perspective of the Afrikan are of utmost importance to the young minds of Afrika.

A Diaspora Development Policy. Our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, those born in Afrika and those who were born there have been yearning for a policy that ensures that they are able to invest in Afrika through a transparent and clearly defined procedure. For those that were born in the Diaspora and wish to return home, land should be provided by our governments to facilitate their return.

This will boost our investment options and ensure that we can tap into the capital and skills that they will bring back with them.

Consciousness. In conclusion, its time for Consciousness in every facet of our lives. Our Ancestors have bequeathed to us a rich inheritance that it is unbecoming for any Afrikan to be dying of poverty or starvation.

The days of sleeping are over. Wake up, Afrika! Its time to decolonise our minds!