All people that are considered “great” today have a strong affinity for their roots:

The USians severally quote from and draw wisdom from their Forefathers in how to keep their nation strong and great. I find the US’ arrogance repugnant esp. when I consider the grave atrocities and crimes against humanity they committed during the Mexican-Amercan war, the invasions of Cuba, Panama, Philippines, the bombings of Vitenam, Korea and the coups and assassinations they have engineered in several countries across the board. They are prime candidates for the ICC but I guess the one who holds the bigger stick calls the shots.

The Chinese as well are proud of their 4,000 year old civilization. The Japanese are another. While they have adopted a lot of western culture (to their own detriment), there is no doubting that, in this current system, they have made quite a name for themselves. Their deep spiritual roots are unmistakable in all this.

Sadly for us, most Afrikans treat our history with repugnance. Much of this is b’se of Miseducation and Ignorance. The reality is that we do not know our Ancestors. When we begin to discover why they treasured the balance between the masculine and feminine principles is when we will realize why they were so creative and lived in harmony with nature.

Our Ancestors taught the Greeks and they started a great civilization. Our Ancestors occupied Spain & Portugal from 711 ~ 1492 and taught them how to be civilized. Sadly, that connection has been deliberately written out of history.

Afrikan Philosophy and Thinking is now the driving force behind the sustainability initiative that is hitting the world. One dimensional thinking is no longer working and people are beginning to realize the value of keeping the masculine and feminine principles in balance and thus achieving harmony with Mother Nature. This is what is inspiring cities in Germany to forbid cars from entering b’se of the congestion, pollution and noise.

Afrikans taught their children in the home. Now, the best performing kids are those that are homeschooled. Sadly, we still believe in the “formal education” model brought here by the colonialist and yet they are going around and using our very methods that we despise and have long abandoned!

Europeans are realizing that they have messed up a lot. They are realizing that the people of old that forbade the use of technology that didn’t distabilize the balance in the ecosystem were actually wise, not primitive or backward.

That’s why the Batwa have a story among their people that they realized that they had made a mistake by distabilizing this harmony and deliberately regressed back to where they are now ~ living in the forests. DNA evidence is proving them right as the Father Of Medicine, Imhotep’s DNA has been traced to the Batwa!

I’m not saying we should take such drastic steps. All I’m saying is: Can we acknowledge our proud history and draw the wisdom and knowledge from it? Can we discard the western culture & return our Ancestors to a place of prominence in our lives and use their example to live our lives in this modern world?

More importantly: Can we dismantle this vile capitalist system and instead move forward to more equitable system that ensures the welfare of all the community?